Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the courses?

Many of Our course offerings range from 14 to 28 days. This extended time allows plenty of time to immerse yourself in a multitude of outdoor pursuits, but also allows for the strong friendships that develop amongst you, your fellow students and instructors. Your course group will have up to 18 students and four course instructors (male and female). Your co-ed group will be made of students from all over the country and internationally as well.

What kind of shape do I have to be in?

Our activities are physically demanding, but if you’re in average physical condition and have strength and stamina you’ll do fine. If you feel you are below average we recommend you begin physical conditioning prior to the course.  You’ll shoulder your own backpack up to our Mt. Adams mountain camp (5 to 8 miles) and your service project often will involve hiking and utilizing hand tools.  For example, if we take on a service project with the Pacific Crest Trail, we’ll utilize shovels, Pulaski’s, pry bars, picks, and possibly cross cut saws to help maintain or build the trail.

Do I need experience to kayak or rock climb?

When you learn to kayak and rock climb we will bring in a cadre of specialized instructors to share their knowledge and help you master some new skills. We’ll start out with training you on the basic skills then you’ll have an opportunity to progress ahead at your own pace.  We’ll supply state of the art gear for rock climbing instruction (harnesses, helmets, ropes and shoes) and kayaking instruction (boats, paddles, spray skirts, splash jackets). 

What’s the weather like in the Pacific Northwest?

True in the winter months the weather tends to be wet at low elevations and snowing in the Cascade Mountain Range. However, your course will take place when the weather is at its best. Typically during June, July, and August the days are sunny and warm, but a bit cooler at night – perfect for sleeping out under the stars, or in your tent.

What kind of food will be available?

Good cooking has a positive effect on your health and the morale of your student group. We take special pride in creating hearty, wholesome menus that are tasty and nutritious and keep you energized.  You’ll learn all the tricks to preparing meals quickly and efficiently. All of our students take delight in adding to their repertoire the ability to bake quick bread biscuits and pizzas over an open fire!  If you have any dietary restrictions let us know. 
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Course Instructors


Jim Wells